September 10, 2016

Self Recruiting Guide ver2

Updated September 10, 2016

Written By: Jason “Coach Gugs” Guglielmone

Edited By: Joelle Grossnickle

Edited By: Kathleen Guglielmone

Endorsed By: James Groce at West Virginia State University

DMV Self Recruiting Guide

The DMV Self-Recruiting Guide is crafted and designed to help you recruit yourself to colleges and universities all over the country. With the current internet and social media trends you should never need the help of a paid profile for access to a coach’s contact information. Coaches have their emails and phone numbers listed in school staff directories and on the teams rosters and they also make public their social media tags and handles. It would be shame for you to waste funds on a website that will be charging you for free access to the same information.

This guide goes step-by-step on what and when you should be doing throughout your high school career. This is not an exact science; the information will be updated regularly to account for emerging and changing media platforms. It is easy to say that being on a single website and just having a profile which college coaches just happen to access is outdated and not necessary.

What is going to get it done?

HARD WORK! There is no substitute for it both on the field and in the classroom. If you want to pay someone to do your recruiting for you we can send contact coaches on your behalf but I’d rather see you work for your scholarship dollars on your own. The coaches want to speak to you. If you go to a paid site you will have still have to do the questionnaires, send out the emails, make the phone calls, and attend camps.

DISCIPLINE! Before getting started as a “student athlete” you need to know the basics. There are a lot of responsibilities that come with the title, if done correctly. It is essentially two full-time jobs if you plan to compete at a high level. You will need to learn to say, “I can’t because I have practice/workouts” or “I can’t because I have homework”.

DESIRE! Start with the most basic part: You! Look into the mirror to see if you want it bad enough. Are you willing to put in the time it takes to have a small chance at some kind of scholarship (You don’t need to be an athlete to receive a scholarship Click Here). To recruit yourself you must use the free devices available to you. This guide is to assist those who want to do it on their own and don’t have the ability to pay additional services.


Getting Started

The DMV Recruiting process is designed to start with middle school and early high school student athletes and focus on assisting with them with shaping their own future by cutting through the complex process and fees typical to the recruiting industry. Ideally, a DMV Athlete will be better able to navigate the perilous waters of college recruiting because they themselves have done the work. Integrity, commitment, responsibility and self-motivation are not only tools to succeed in sports, they’re life tools.

  • Before you get started you need to create your profile on DMV Recruiting; and Sign up and sign in.
    • Note to fill out the “About Me” section under edit profile and have the latest pictures and information.






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