September 10, 2016

Self Recruiting Guide: Middle School

In middle school you need to be responsible for elevating your academics, character, and work ethic to the highest level as possible. Being self-aware is critical, even at a young age. I suggest reaching out to a trusted person or mentor to ask for an evaluation. Do you display good character, solid work ethic, and are you a good teammate? Now is the time to be consistent with getting all A’s and B’s. If you need assistance with any of these the time to get them corrected is now. if you need help in this area contact me


Athletics: It is critical to start extra training as an overall cross sport trained athlete. You want to focus on speedagility and strength. You should be a multi-sport athlete striving to be well rounded in different sports. Don’t do too much there are a lot of athletes that get burned out young in their high school careers.


Sports training: You should get specific sport and position; specific drills and choose which ones you want to do. There are plenty of athletes who have played a certain position during their youth career and then moved to a different position in high school due to weight limit restrictions and/or a change in abilities.

Review the following links to get started correctly. Please don’t wait to get this done. The earlier you know the rules of the “game” the better off you will be!

Heading into high school? There is extremely important information you need to review.

Find your high school’s list of NCAA core courses

Learn more about Division I academic requirements

Learn more about Division II academic requirements

Learn more about Division III

Want to Play Division 1 Sports?

Please know that “Cs” shouldn’t happen in high school. All As and Bs are the only thing that is acceptable. Yes, Cs will not disqualify you from playing in the NCAA but it will limit the number of schools that will recruit you due to the academic standards of the college or university. Just getting honor roll shouldn’t be a goal as great as that is. You want to stay away from Cs!

I is important that you DO NOT count out Division 2 and Division 3 schools. They can still help you get the college degree you are looking for. And when the time comes Prep Schools and Junior Colleges (JuCos) can be extremely competitive and exactly what you need to guide you to the next step. Please email me for more information.

This is the time to develop good habits in school and on the field with good sportsmanship and work ethic. It is important to start these habits early because it isn’t just a light switch that turns on when recruits start showing up. Recruiters and coaches see when a kid takes a play off, doesn’t bend right, and doesn’t put out maxim effort.


Please use this Self Recruiting Guide as a “tool” to promote your own athletic and academic achievements. These are not the only resources available, but they are important to follow and to adhere to in order to succeed.

This is only a tool.

Hard workdedicationself-awareness, and patience are all keys. One of the biggest issues is that players and families aren’t realistic about their talents. Not all people are meant to play at the next level. That is Ok. You need to still use what you have learned and apply it to your own special talents. You will not get anywhere by not putting forth the effort. Height and speed matter. Hip flexibility matters. GRADES and TEST SCORES matter!