Get to the Head of the Class Here are 5 ways from the NCAA to succeed in academics. If you need more see our academic section full of tips. To succeed in college, student-athletes have to win in more places than just on the field. The NCAA provides opportunities to learn, compete and grow by setting standards that encourage student-athletes to be[…]

Motivational Videos

Motivational videos are great from time to time. The problem with the internet is everyone is posting them constantly to feel like they are encouraging the world. You want to encourage the world you have to get out to the world and speak. I know I post a lot of motivational pictures but I am[…]

Get Evaluated!!

Get evaluated by our highly qualified DMV Recruiting Talent Evaluators! Take advantage of being able to target the proper schools. We want you to be realistic in your recruiting and focus on the level you are meant for. We don’t want to discourage you from becoming what you want to be but we understand that[…]

Common Mistakes to Avoid in High School and College Weight Rooms   Walk into most high school and college weight rooms and observe the training sessions. Most of you will cringe at the mere sight. If you haven’t witnessed what I’m talking about, let me paint the picture for you. There is usually one coach walking around a room full of 40-100 kids, depending on[…]